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THE morning seems to fly past…and I don’t seem to get busy with anything other than the usual routine stuff.

I’ve a meeting/interview for the webzine at 1pm – it’s a couple of villages away, though – and Margaret has the car. Rather than fart about with buses I decide walking is the best way to get there and back so I load up the iPhone wth some podcasts and set off.

All goes good – interview, photos and a slightly longer off-road route home. Job done. And nine miles walked.

It’s a ‘fast’ day and mid-afternoon porridge is my first meal of the day. I did cheat a little and have an apple at breakfast time. Still, I think the 500 calories used on the walk  – according to this calculator – more than cancel out the apple. Whether that screws up the fast day theory of 600 calorie intake I don’t know.

I get some info on tomorrow’s (Thursday) work as an ‘extra’ in a TV soap drama. Think it’ll be fun 😉

Later on I write up the interview from earlier and get some stuff ready to take with me. Means an early start so….10pm and off to bed!


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