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ANOTHER lovely day outside but I’ve lots to get on with before I can think about enjoying the sunshine.

Once I’ve messed with some ideas for the Good Moonshine video I sit outside on the decking in the with my guitar and mess with some new ideas.

I take the video footage from yesterday into the studio and trawl through some archive ‘road’ footage from our USA trips to use as cutaways. There’s a lot of archive stuff. Too much to go through, so I have to blindly grab a few sections and do a rough edit to create a no-frills visual track for the song.

Working on my website revamp, the shop section is giving me a lot of headaches. I resort to editing a lot of code to try and force the pages to look a bit more the way I want them to. It’s a time consuming ‘trial and error’ process, ‘cos even though I can fumble my way around code, I’m no expert.

Finally we break free from our respective work piles, go out for a walk and enjoy the last of the daylight.

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