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Apple pies in production...

Apple pies in production…

SATURDAY morning’s become baking time for Margaret – making more stuff for the coffeeshop. Apple pies and two different kinds of brownie.

I get the job of delivering the pies then we have breakfast and get on with the day.

There’s yet another internet interruption. No idea if it’s something to do with our modem/router or just shite service. I reset everything, switch it all off for a while and restart. Nada.

Margaret comes across the studio to man the controls while I record a quick demo of a new song and when we get back to the house the internet’s back up and running.

Catriona’s coming for the night and arrives just as I finish watching a documentary on the iPlayer…The Great Gangster Film Fraud – part of BBC Four’s Storyville series.

We have a couple of drinks, food and chat then have an early-ish night. The clocks go forward and I’ve a photo story to do for at 7.30am…

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