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We go and recce a secret location in Ayrshire for the Hellbound Train video shoot...

We go and recce a secret location in Ayrshire for the Hellbound Train video shoot…

I DROP Margaret off, take the car at the garage in Maryhill for a service then jump on the subway to the south side.

I’m meeting Martyn and Jamie at Film City to go on a wee recce to a secret location in Ayrshire that might be good for filming the Hellbound Train video.

The place is fantastic and we wander around checking out all the possibilities.

Back in Glasgow I say cheerio to the guys and wander into town where I drop into McDonalds for lunch. Not my usual choice, but I can hang out in there and use the wifi for an hour or two without getting flung out.

Once I’ve eaten and got some work done I walk to the garage and bump into my pal Chris Simmonds en route. We chat for a while, then I pick up the car, pay the bill and go to find Margaret.

There’s a few bits and bobs we need to pick up then home where I try and set up as much as possible for an early start smoking some grub for our guests tomorrow night.

After dinner I tackle a few more thing son the to-do list but seem to be adding to the work pile instead of reducing it!

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