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ALL hands on deck this cousin Sue and her husband Jim are coming to stay for a few days and I want to get as much food prep done before they arrive as possible.

They’re over from the USA and walking the West Highland Way which is perfect for a visit. They arrive early afternoon and we have a bowl of soup and a blether before Margaret takes them on a boat trip to the island and I get on with some work.

Quite a lot on my to-do list, but a new priority is to make sure I know the words to Hellbound Train for our proposed video shoot on Monday. I also need to do some graphics for various props and other stuff.

I’m still at it when Margaret, Sue and Jim come back at 8pm…after their trip to the island they popped into Betty and Joe’s where they were, as usual, made very welcome and enjoyed a few ‘refreshments…a theme we continue into the night. Lots to catch up on.


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