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BREAKFAST at the B&B is 9am…which suits us fine as we need to get on the road early.

As well as getting home, we need to post off a load of media packs, get to a bank and pick up shopping along the way.

All goes well ’til we hit Scotch Corner….for some reason there’s traffic jams all the way across to the M6 and it takes nearly two hours to cover the 50-mile stretch.

We stop at a bank in Gretna then make it into Glasgow for  shopping stops at Costco and Tesco, making it just in time to See Woo, the Chinese supermarket, before it closes.

We’ve a load of stuff for Betty so we drop it off then head home to unpack the gear and get our own shopping away before going back along to Betty and Joe’s for a ‘pre -dinner drink’. Or two. Or three.

Back home we eat and chill for a while before bed. There’s a monster to-do list but we’re not tackling anything ’til tomorrow!

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