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Excellent time playing at Weirfest :-)

Excellent time playing at Weirfest 🙂

WE’RE up at a decent time…it’s Weirfest in the local village today and I’m not only covering for my webzine, but playing a set later on too.

I ferry my gear down to the festival site at Tom Weir’s Rest and chat with the organisers. It’s a nice sunny day too, which is just as well for there’s no shelter for the stage. I chat with soundman Gregg – my set’s not until 3pm..the second last set performance of the event.

Margaret and Mikey arrive on site soon after I get there and I spend the next few hours taking photos and  chatting with folks.

It;s a great family-friendly day. I guess I’ll have to try not to let any bad words out during my set 😉

There’s a good crowd – a good few folks we know have come from far (Glasgow) and wide (Netherlands) to hear my set which is really nice. Our pal Alistair from Troon has come along and is taking some pix too.

After I’m done, Jimmie MacGregor plays a short set and we get my gear back up the road. We’re not long back when Catriona and Will arrive. Will’s working night shift, but Catriona’s staying over.

We have a few drinks in the garden then I hit the kitchen and make some Italian sausage pasta. The next thing is it’s after midnight and we’re all knackered. Been a grand day and night 🙂


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