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A baby woodpecker settles on the fencepost outside the office window :-)

A baby woodpecker settles on the fencepost outside the office window 🙂

THE activation code from HMRC arrived in the post…so now I have no excuse not to get on the case with my tax return. But first…

..there’s a load of stuff needing done! Much of it’s online and the internet speed here is going from bad to worse. Nevertheless, I plough through some stuff, add a bunch of events to the website and take a break just as our wood guy pulls up with a tipper-load of wood. The first of two loads.

I manage to have the first load moved into the woodshed and stacked by the time he’s back with the next load…hopefully that’ll be enough to see us through the winter. I don’t really have time for all this wood-stacking, but it needs done and at least it’s out the way.

A call to the chemist a few villages away confirms a prescription I ordered last week is ready so I take a walk in that direction. Margaret beats me too it and picks me up in the car 1/2-mile from my destination!

Back home I start the HMRC’s online tax return process. Jeez, it’s not pretty. Ambiguous and confusing at every turn. I get some of it done then decide to call it a day and head into the house to make dinner – chicken katsu donburi. ‘Chicken don’. One of my favourites.


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