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I TACKLE the accounts head on. Takes me a while, but I get everything up to date. All that’s left to do is archive my 2015/16 papers with a printed summary and ditch the 2009/2010 stuff.

Next on the agenda is the PR/media stuff for my Almost Blue shows in Dundee next weekend (1, 2 & 3 July). The venues and details of my shows have changed a few times. The latest change came in last night. The organisers still haven’t announced the artists/venues/timetable so, with just a week to go, I can’t hold off sending out news releases any longer.

I know I’ll likely have another show on Friday 1, but I just have to go with the info we have… Saturday 2 July (6pm) at Clarks and Sunday 3 July (9pm) at Buskers. I write up a news release and fire it out.

After lunch the sun’s out. Margaret’s away with the car ’til later on so I decide to walk to the village to cast my vote to stay in Europe. I’m rather irritated that the single ‘remain’ sandwich board outside the polling station has been placed behind a wheelie bin and is largely out sight….mmmm…

While walking and listening to various marketing podcasts I take note of a collaboration-cum-project/task management app called Asana, so when I get home I have a quick look. I’ve been using – and singing the praises of – Trello for a while, but on first look, Asana seems a bit more up to the job. I open a (free) account and give it a whirl. Maybe worth switching from Trello…but we need to check it out a bit further…

Margaret gets a message from Almost Blue asking if I can do another show on the Friday (1 July) night…there’s some details we need to check out, but that should be OK. Pity it missed my news release tho’.

I’ve got some stuff to drop off for Barbara so we take a wander along and end up sitting outside and having a couple of pre-dinner drinks. I’ve still got dinner to make so we head back along the road, eat and chill…

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