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The PA is a bit "make do and mend" – no mic stand, then when one does arrive there's no mic clip. Gaffa tape to the rescue.

The PA is a bit “make do and mend” – no mic stand, then when one does arrive there’s no mic clip. Gaffa tape to the rescue.

LOTS to get done before we head to Dundee for this weekend’s Almost Blue Festival.

After breakfast I finish running through some new tunes and then get the gear packed and loaded in the car.

There’s a couple of apple pies to be taken to the local coffee shop then we have a quick snack and hit the road.

First show of the weekend is at The Gunners in Broughty Ferry.A 6pm start so we aim to check into our hotel around 4pm and get to the venue by 5pm.

When we get to the venue there’s two tony powered “PA speakers”, no mixer – instead a DJ turntable controller, no mic, stand, cables. Fuck.

We call the festival organiser who speaks to the venue manager and they arrange to go and pick up some extra bits and bobs t at least make some noise. I’m meant to be onstage at 6pm, the place is filling up…

To cut a long story short, we manage to cobble together the system and by 6.45pm I’m off. The sound is awful – distorted and cutting in and out, but the crowd is on my side and I end up having a great time!

Once we’re done we head off to a local place for some grub with pals then it’s back to the hotel to re-charge.

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