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Great to see Neil and the guys at Newtone Strings...and launch the Dave Arcari signature available in the web shop :-)

Great to see Neil and the guys at Newtone Strings…and launch the Dave Arcari signature strings…now available in the web shop 🙂

THE CAR’S packed, so all we have to do is shove in our overnight bag and a few other bits and bobs before we hit the road.

First stop is Matlock where we’re stopping off to see Neil at Newtone Strings…I’ve been using custom gauge (ie: very heavy!) strings from Newtone for years. We were chatting a while back and we discussed the idea of a ‘signature set’, worked together to put the plan in action and now we have ’em 🙂

The strings are now available in my online store, on the merch table at shows and, of course, via Newtone Strings.

We carry on our journey to London where we’re staying with friends Chris and Richard….we’re staying tonight and tomorrow (Tuesday) – after the London show at the Blues Kitchen, Camden. It’s nice to have an evening with them and Chris has made a fabulous meal….

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