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MARGARET’s already making apple and rhubarb pies of the coffee shop when I wake up and head for the shower.

After breakfast I do a bit of catch-up work on a month-long blog feature I’m doing for ProSoundNews Europe – a diary-cum-tech piece documenting a month on the road through the eyes of an independent touring musician.

We’re off to Catriona and Will’s tonight and won;t be back ’til late tomorrow afternoon..then we leave at 3am Monday morning for Estonia, so I get all my gear ready and Margaret does some packing preparation. We’ve already sorted out all the merch and stuff that’s going.

We thought we were gonna have to go into Glasgow and pick up some extra t-shirts we were having printed, but Martyn and Louise are in Glasgow and offered to collect them for us which a great time-saver. We’ll stop by their place and get them on the way home tomorrow afternoon.

After an early dinner we head to Stirling to Catriona and Will’s…drinks…a magic speed of snacks…more wine and lots of chat 🙂

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