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THE alarm goes off at 3am. We have an hour to finish packing and get ourselves ready for a taxi that’ll take us to Helsinki airport.

Maiju has made us some sandwiches and Juuso goes to call the taxi and, after saying cheerio to our friends, we’re on our way.

Check in and security go smoothly and we both sleep on the flight to Schiphol/Amsterdam, waking only to eat the in-flight snack.

We have a six-hour wait at Schiphol for the flight to Glasgow and spend the time eating, dozing and trying to keep up with some stuff online.

It’s 4.30pm when we land in Glasgow – 13-and-a-half hours if we include the time difference – since we woke.

All the bags arrive OK. next stop is Glasgow to pick up some shopping. We’re not quite prepared for the traffic and it takes two hours to get into the city from the airport.

We’ve been invited to Betty and Joe’s for dinner and eventually roll up around 9pm – dinner, red wine and catching up on the last couple of week’s local news….

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