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Quick selfie from Will before we hit the town centre for Thunder....

Quick selfie from Will before we hit the town centre for Thunder….

ONCE again the garden’s like a scene from The Hangover after last night;s cookout – bit of a tidy up job to do before we head to Aviemore for Thunder in the Glens.

Lots of other stuff to do to. Margaret’s making rhubarb pies for the coffee shop. She hoped to make an extra one for tomorrow’s flower show, but there’s not enough rhubarb. Meantime, I tidy the garden, get some work done and look out a photo to enter i not the flower show.

There’s lots of stuff to pack for Aviemore too…food, drink another stuff. We need to drop off Betty and Joe’s car port/shelter too…glad we got it down last night.

I’m still pretty hangover when we hit the road and Margaret drives all the way. We roll up at the house Catriona and Will have rented for the weekend.

Catriona, Will, Viv, Mike and Joyce are already there and have the frill fired up in the garden.

After eating we hit the town centre and catch some live music, loads people and bikes and a magic firework display. Awesome 🙂


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