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Been a great weekend with everyone at Thunder in the Glens....

Been a great weekend with everyone at Thunder in the Glens….

WHEN I get out the shower and go downstairs Joyce has breakfast on the go – mega fry-up for everyone.

Once we’ve eaten I stick some of the photos from yesterday in a web gallery – see ’em here – then we pack the car and head up Cairngorm to see the bikes and chill for a while. Despite having been in Aviemore many times, I’ve never been up to Cairngorm. It’s a great wee run and an amazing spot.

We say cheerio to everyone and make for home, stopping in Perth for a few bits of shopping.

We’re home soon after 5pm and get unpacked and tidied up. I do a wee bit work then make pepper beef noodles.

Once we’ve eaten we wander along to see Betty and Joe, enjoy a couple of glasses of red then home…

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