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MARGARET’S got apple and rhubarb pies in the oven when I get out the shower.

We have breakfast then I take the pies – well, all but one, we;re saving for tonight – to the coffee shop.

Our plans Alastair and Karen are coming for dinner/the night, so while I get the smoker going for a bacon-wrapped pork loin, Maragret does a bit of tidying up.

The smoker going well, I start working on some of the images from yesterday’s photoshoot. Joel and Maggie drop by and we take a break for coffee, then back to work.

The pork’s ready in good time and is wrapped in a couple of layers of tinfoil and a towel then jammed in a coolbox to rest stay warm ’til dinner time…a  DIY ‘faux cambro‘ solution. Then it’s time to make the Vietnamese spring  rolls, prawns, rice noodles cooked in lemongrass and coconut water, coriander and mint all rapped in rice-paper wrappers. Oh, and a special dipping sauce too 🙂

Our guests roll up just after 7.30pm and we have a grand evening, finally calling at a night about 3am.

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