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Maybe just the novelty, but I'm lovin' the quionoa :-)

Maybe just the novelty, but I’m lovin’ the quionoa 🙂

BEFORE I get too bogged down in other stuff I make up set lists for the Brighton  show next Thursday (22 Sept – Komedia) and Balmaha’s Braw Weekend (Saturday 1 October).

I run through the banjo tunes in the house, then go across to the studio to run through some more. Not too much time, but at least I’ve played some stuff…and it feels good.

For lunch I use some of the quionoa left over form last night (I made way to much!) and make a salad with broccoli, edamame beans, mint, parsley, toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds and some feta. It;s amazing!

Betty’s photobook arrived in the post this morning so once I’ve eaten I take it along and sort a couple of computer/email things while I’m there.

Two things are confirmed for October 10 in Davenport – my (fourth!) Daytrotter session in the afternoon and a show for Moeller Mondays at the Village Theatre in the evening. Nice 🙂

We set up a photo for a Facebook post promoting my US dates featuring the suppliers I work with that support me…National Reso-Phonic, G7th Capos, Newtone Strings and Diamond Bottlenecks. Still waiting on a couple of show confirmations before we properly start punting the tour tho’.

It’s getting dark earlier and earlier and I realise the grass needs cut. Not gonna have time over the next few days and there’s a good chance it’ll rain, so best do it now…not a big deal, though – our front garden is pretty small an it only takes 10/15 minutes.

After dinner I go back into the office. The accounts are still strewn everywhere in the office – untouched since I ‘made a start’ a week ago – but I have a website to do for a local pal that takes priority.

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