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WE check out the Darlington Travelodge and have a couple of stops in the North East for meetings.

I’m through by 1.30pm so we go and find some lunch – avoiding KFC and ending up at a McDonalds. Oh well,I suppose it’s not too bad for you once in a  while (not including the breakfasts!)

There’s some shopping to pick up in Glasgow and we’re back home on the shores of Loch Lomond soon after 6pm.

We unpack the car, put gear away in the studio and I get on with some work. Quite a few things I want to get out the way so I can have a clean start tomorrow – and our pal Duncan mentioned his website’s gone a bit haywire, so I need to have a dig about and see what’s happened.

I spend 1/2-hour digging about the server and web code and sort things out fairly easily then call to let him know all’s good while I cook some dinner.

We chill for a bit then head off for an early night. Monster busy for the next week then we’re off to the USA next Monday.

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