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Our ride to New York...

Our ride to New York…

ALARM goes off at 3.30am and we scrabble about packing the last minute stuff and getting everything into Catriona’s car.

She drives us to the airport where British Airways look after us amazingly – we get the guitars on board the plane to London and everything is going to plan.

At Heathrow we transfer for the New York (JFK) flight and settle down for a seven-hour trip – the in-flight food is pretty good, and the whisky and wine go down well. I sleep a bit and watch the Hank Williams biopic I Saw The Light…a bit out to lunch on that one 😉

We arrive at JFK around 2pm local time and into a massive queue at security – my cousin Ginny’s waiting in the car park…and it takes us two-and-a-half hours to get through security. In saying that, the guy on the desk is cool and we have no problems. And all he bags are here.

Back at Ginny’s apartment, John hands us cold beers and we chat then have a lovely meal and an early night. Gonna be busy tomorrow!

The seven-hour route from London to New York...

The seven-hour route from London to New York…

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