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Travelling in style this tour – a Dodge Grand Caravan :-)

Travelling in style this tour – a Dodge Grand Caravan 🙂

WE’RE up early so Ginny can drive us to Hackensack, New Jersey to pick up our hire car…we always avoid hiring in New York because of the higher costs and taxes.

There’s already a huge amount of ‘stuff’ – three guitars, a banjo, effects case, bags, other music gear (guitar stands, transformers etc) and…merch. T-shirts, postcards, CDs, bottlenecks…

The first car Enterprise offer us is tiny. Certainly not the ‘intermediate’ sized car Margaret booked, so they swap it for a brand new Dodge Grand Caravan. Awesome. It’s luxury and easily takes all our stuff. Also, we’re glad of the car hire insurance policy Margaret took out before we left – looks like that’s saved us over $1000.

After a quick bite to eat we head for our first stop – Altoona – about 300 miles away. Means we only have 100 miles or so to get to Pittsburgh for the first show of the tour tomorrow night.

It’s a nice drive and I try to grab some bits and bobs of video. I’d sworn never to get embroiled in tour videoblogs again, but so many folks have asked if we’ll be doing it again I relented…not too OCD (really!) this time – gonna post a compilation videoblog every four or five days.

The Super 8 we’re in is one of the best we’ve been to, and we’ve been to a lot of ’em. We’ve been spoilt with amazing meals from Ginny and John in NYC the last couple of nights, so we hold back a bit and visit the local supermarket for tonight’s supplies and batten down the hatches in the hotel room and get some work done…

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