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Thursday 1 December 2016

Less than 20 calories in a big bowl of seafood ramen thanks to 'zero noodles'!

Less than 20 calories in a big bowl of seafood ramen thanks to ‘zero noodles’!

WE sleep in a little…then I go through some of the photos from Joe’s presentation party last night.

I left the PA and some bits and bobs of gear at the pub last night so drive down to pick  everything up.

For lunch I make some seafood ramen with ‘zero noodles’ – weird, virtually calorie-free noodles I found online. They’re good!

Suddenly I realise it’s the first of the month – eNewsletter day. It’s also the deadline for January gig listings for a lot of the monthly mags.

As it is, there’s no shows in January, but I have to drop everything to get the eNewsletter done and fired out. Read it here.

Duncan and Irene are coming tonight and I’m making pork, chorizo and butter bean casserole. It takes a while to prepare, mostly because I’m determined to cut all the fat out the pork shoulder which is a laborious, but worthwhile, task.

I’ve just got it all done and simmering away when Willie arrives to sort the plumbing for the washing machine. He’s done in a jiffy then I start making the lettuce soup.

Duncan and Irene roll up around 7.30pm – we haven’t seen them since before we went to the ‘States so there’s lots to catch up from both sides and a night of food, drink and chat ensues….

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Joe is presented with a lovely painting during the night of celebrations

Joe is presented with a lovely painting during the night of celebrations

I’VE put some time aside today to plan a new web project I’m about to pull together. I’m in no great hurry, but I’d like to have the thing complete and ready to go early int he new year.

At lunchtime I take a break – I found some cooked pork belly slices in the freezer earlier which I caramelise with garlic, chilli, ginger and spring onions and steam a couple of hirata buns to stuff with the pork, hoi sin sauce and some pickled cucumber left in the fridge. Delicious.

We’re a having a surprise event at the local pub tonight under the guise of a St Andrews night celebration. I’ve prepared a slideshow and will play a couple of songs…and provide the PA/sound for the event so spend some time in the studio checking gear and packing what I need to take.

I fill the car and head to the pub to load in, get set up and do a quick soundcheck then nip home. While I’ve been away the new washing machine has arrived, been unpacked and the guys took away the old one. Nice.

We get the transit bolts out the new machine, connect the stuff at the back and manhandle it into the space. The wastepipe connects OK, but there’s no space to connect the water supply…the pipe from the machine has a big filter/coupling that isn;t gonna fit…we’ll look again in the morning but it looks like we’ll need a plumber. F’sakes.

Just after 6pm we make our way back to the pub and do some final setting up. Folks have started to arrive for a 7pm kick-off with our guest of honour – Joe – being brought along at 7.30pm. The real purpose of the night is to pay tribute to all the work and everything Joe has done to help the community over the years with, of course, all the support from Betty.

Everything goes to plan with speeches, anecdotes, slideshow, presentation and a few songs from yours truly…plus a wonderful buffet and lots of drink and chat with all our pals. The biggest and best surprise of the night for Betty and Joe is when their daughter Kirsty – who lives in LA – walks in right on cue at the start of the celebration….


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