A quick selfie to act as a placeholder in my new web design....

A quick selfie to act as a placeholder in my new web design….

A LOAD of stuff to be done in the house, then I get on with some work.

While chopping wood I get a text message from a  casting agency to see if I’m available for some work as a TV extra on Thursday and Friday. Of course! While I’ve got a bursting to-do list, I need to try and bring in some cash, so it’s a welcome opportunity.

It’s eNewsletter day and although I put it together last night and scheduled it to go out this morning, I still have to share it round Facebook groups and other social media as well as update the news at the front end of my website. Read the eNewsletter here.

I’m not quite finished when  reminder pops up…I registered for a crowdfunding webinar with the Cultural Enterprise Office (CEO). I don’t really believe in crowdfunding for musicians although I’m keen to learn more and, if appropriate, consider it in the future.

Unfortunately there are ‘techinical difficulties’ at the CEO end and after participating in some ‘while you wait’ chatroom for half an hour I bail…need to get some stuff in the post before it’s picked up at midday. It was the right decision. When I get back in I check the chatrooms and find the webinar has been cancelled!

I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about updating my website. It’s become a bit of a confusing conglomeration and after chatting with some pals and digging about online, it’s too ‘busy’ and needs streamlined. Also, the shop is a nightmare to update and I need to consider rebuilding it from scratch.

I don’t have time to do much today, but I figure if I do a bit every day for next few weeks we can make it happen. I set up a ‘development’ server so Ic an work on things without interrupting normal service…then I take some quick snaps to act as temporary visuals/placeholders. If the look works we’ll take them properly over the next week or two.

One of the other priorities today is to chase some of the venues we’ve been in touch with to try and arrange some shows round the London date on 12 July.

I also send out some emails and Facebook messages to folks in the States to give them a heads up on the October/November plans. Although I’m concentrating on East Coast/mid-West, the Deep Blues Festival in Mississippi is bang in the middle of the tour and I’d like to play there….

We’re pretty gutted to have had to call off the SxSW trip – especially as we have a non-refundable hotel booking that came off the credit card back in  October. Our pal Nan – a SxSW veteran and record label legend offers to spread the work on our behalf. If we can get something back cash-wise it’d lessen the blow….if you know anyone looking for a hotel room downtown Austin from 15-20 March (ie: SxSW music) please put ’em in touch!!!