One of the pix we rattle off for potential use on the new website....not keen on the shadows, but we'll have a proper look through them tomorrow.

One of the pix we rattle off for potential use on the new website….not keen on the shadows, but we’ll have a proper look through them tomorrow.

NO long lie ‘cos Margaret’s decided to make some more apple pies and a chocolate cake for the coffee shop. While she’s at it she makes Teisen Lap – a Welsh fruit loaf kinda thing.

She’s finishing off the baking when Martyn drops in for a coffee. We chat for a wee while then he helps me get the stuff to the coffee shop.

Betty’s there with a couple of pals so we stop for a chat then Martyn heads home and I got back to thehouse for breakfast!

There’s a lot of stuff needing done and I also want to try and take some ‘proper’ versions of the selfies I took outside the woodshed during the week to use as visuals for my forthcoming website revamp.

The sun’s come round, though, so we need to wait ’til it’s not hitting the woodshed.

Meantime I set up a couple of studio flashes, remote triggers and, of course, the camera. When the sun’s out of sight tho;’ the wind picks up and despite having weighed down the flash stands, they still blow over. Twice. Somehow the bulbs survive but I manage to completely wreck a shoot through brolly and a reflective brolly. Grrr…

By the time we;re sorted, the sun;s completely away and the light’s changed. Margaret’s trying hard to put up with my increasing annoyance at having to jump over and save falling flash stands, set up the shots and try not to look too much of a tit in the resulting pix.

We get a bunch of shots, but they’re a bit dark and one of the flashes has cast a shadow that I’m not too keen on.

Anyway, no time to mess with them now, Betty’s invited us to join her, Joe and some other pals for dinner at the local pub.

We have a lovely meal, then everyone goes back to Betty and Joe’s for a nightcap.