THE ALARM goes of at 5.30am….need to get the smoker fired up and grub on the go for lunch – two of my cousins and their partners are visiting today.

I’m feeling like crap. Lurgy, not hangover despite a good bucketful last night.

Everything goes to plan though and I get the ribs on and the first batch of chicken. The ribs take about six hours, meaning I can get two batches of chicken done…the chicken takes just three hours!

By 8am I’m back in bed for another hour or so. When we wake up Margaret’s not feeling too tricky. Hangover, not lurgy!

Ian, Sandra, Zila and John arrive just after 12.30 and we’re 99% ready. We have pre-lunch drinks then gather round the table for ribs, chicken and various sides followed by Margaret’s pavlova and biscuits & cheese.

Will and Catriona drop in late afternoon with Mothers’ Day gifts for Margaret and join us for a wee while before going on their way back to Stirling.

The others head off sometime after 6pm and after clearing up, Margaret and I collapse ont he sofa and watch the last episode of Shetland on the iPlayer. I’m still all blocked up and coughing so head off to bed while Margaret watches this afternoon’s David Cup tennis…