LURGY’s certainly got a grip of me today…so much so that we decide to have a wee break from the 5:2/’fast day’ diet. I need nourishment!

We’ve been doing it for just over two years now, with breaks while on tour and over Christmas and New Year periods. While we’ve not lost loads of weight – think I’ve probably lost five or six kilograms – having a couple of alcohol-free days a week has certainly been beneficial. Not just to our health but to our overdraft too.

Betty and Joe have a few wee niggles with their computer they’d asked me to look at, so we wander along and I see to the computer then enjoy a coffee.

There’s some chicken and ribs left over from yesterday – a treat for lunch, especially on what would normally be a fast day!

Our planning meetings have gone a bot to pot over the last few months and so many things have changed we need to regroup and replan. Margaret’s still pretty new to Trello so I give her a quick tour and we transfer a lot of our projects and tasks to the web-based app that makes managing to-do lists and project management a breeze. Check it out here.

I have an issue with a publication that has used 25 of my photographs – 100% of the photos used in the publication, including a front cover, two full pages and a load of featured photos too. I gave permission to use them with an express condition that each photo used is accompanied by a specific photo credit. There’s no credits. I’m livid. While I don’t; want to fall out with folks there’s no way I can let this – effectively a breach of copyright – pass. I spend a while checking my facts, previous communications and agreements etc before carefully putting together an email outlining the isue. Takes more time than I’d like, but it’s we’ll see how they respond…and how long it takes..before escalating things. There’ll be trouble at t’mill!

There’s a community council meeting tonight, so time’s tight but I manage to go through the photos from Saturday and whittle them down to create a set that will, hopefully, serve as the look and feel of my soon-to-be-revamped website.

The meeting goes on a bit longer than usual and we re-convene in the local pub…