JEEZ this lurgy’s getting worse. Totally blocked up and aching all over.

When I get up, my nose starts running like a tap. Margaret’s MacBook is throwing up an iCloud sign in problem which in itself is quite easy to sort…but it has a knock on effect across all our computers and ‘devices’.

We have some lunch then I help Margaret set up some spreadsheets before getting on with work on my future website revamp.

Betty drops by for a quick coffee then we carry on with our work.

I’m so blocked up and light-headed with the lurgy that I’m finding it hard to concentrate and don’t feel like I’m achieving much. Somehow I bring myself to catch up on all my PRS returns – set lists and gig lists for the royalty machine.

After dinner I sort out some stuff for – a wee news story and photo session tomorrow. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to pull some video vox-pops out of it too.

We watch a couple of episodes from the first season of Happy Valley that Betty and Joe lent us on CD. It’s pretty good but one of the main characters is a right infuriating fud which irritates me a bit…Margaret points out there’d be no story without him!