A good crowd of us out for beer and grub to celebrate Matty's birthday at Bavaria Brauhaus.

A good crowd of us out for beer and grub to celebrate Matty’s birthday at Bavaria Brauhaus.

CATRIONA and Will are off early, so Margaret’s up at 7.30am making them bacon rolls.

By the time I wake up an hour later she’s making apple pies for the coffee shop. Lesley’s sleeping in the living room so I quietly grab my laptop and head out to the office to work out where we are with the new website.

It’s not good. While some of the pages are displaying correctly, most are a mess…and when I try to edit them things go  very weird. I can only assume the database has got corrupted…basically, the game’s a bogey.

I’ve wasted enough time on this now, so the only thing to do is bite the bullet and rebuild the whole damn thing direct on the webserver. I put up an ‘undergoing maintenance’ holding page and get busy.

In hindsight I should have sorted out all my shit on my laptop and , once it was working OK, put up a holding page and rebuild it right away. Might have been down for a day or so, but would have saved me a lot of time and stress. Ah well.

In between times I tighten up the edits on the final mixes for the EP and get them all off for mastering. We don’t have any cash at the mo’, so I’m using an online service which we tested on some earlier mixes…on balance it did a good job and proved good value – landr.com (pronounced ‘L and R’). Recommended.By 7pm my eyes are falling out my head and it’s time to go into Glasgow to meet Matty and his pals who’re celebrating his birthday at Bavaria Brauhaus in Bothwell Street…good beer, good grub and good company.