Martyn grabs some footage for a potential Good Moonshine video…

Martyn grabs some footage for a potential Good Moonshine iagrideo…

MARTYN calls round and we head out for a walk…a winding forestry track we’ve not explored before which takes uphill with nice views of the loch.

We’re kinda freaked out by the amount of toads on the track. Some clearly mating others seemingly immobile and a lot of dead ones too 🙁

Back at the house we have a coffee then Martyn takes some video footage – a bit of an experiment using the GoPro and gimbal to take a ‘one-shot’ of Good Moonshine which, if it works, I can cut with some US road footage to make a video for the song.

Later on Margaret and I take a wee walk to the old pier then drop in to Betty’s for a coffee before heading back home.

I spend a while on the website revamp – most of the content’s in place now, but there’s a lot of layout tweaking to be done….and the shop. When I start working on the shop, though, all sorts of weird shit’s happening and I can’t work out why. Or any way to sort it.

I decide to leave it ’til tomorrow and do some work on this afternoon’s video footage instead.