ONCE the routine chores are out the way we head into Glasgow…lots of shopping to get as the kids and Lesley are coming tomorrow night.

We dash back and manage to get to Drymen just in time for a photo session and interview for a story I’m doing on the G63.scot webzine.

Once I’m done there we stop off at the local hall for where an open planning consultation is underway, We chuck in our tuppence-worth then head for home.

Need to get the new website migrated from my laptop to the web server. It’s never an easy process but I’m hoping a WordPress plugin called backupbuddy will ease things a little. I pul all my existing files off the server, and upload backupbuddy’s importbuddy script along with a zipped archive of the new website…all the code, media and, of course, the database.

It takes an age to upload. I run the importbuddy script and all goes well until I need to map some database settings…the it throws me out. Error messages left, right and centre. Fuck. No time to sort it now…Thosten’s coming for dinner. Looks like my site’s gonna be down ’til tomorrow 🙁

We have a grand night and mange to get to bed by midnight. No point in trying to work out what’s happening with the web server when I’m full of beer and whisky….