STRAIGHT onto work….website. Must stay focussed and finish the development today!

Setting up the shipping in the shop is the first task. And it’s a nightmare. There doesn’t seem to be any straightforward way of doing it and the whole damn thing is really, really confusing. Fine if you have one kind of product (ie: just CDs, or just t-shirts) and only send within one country, but anything more becomes extremely difficult.

After ‘breaking’ the entire shop code and spending a good hour or so fixing it, I tear my hair out for another finding a way to set up the shipping…there’s not really any help online for what I assume must be a very common problem. Or maybe I’m stupid?!

I get it done, though. I should probably make a tutorial video or something to show how I did it, but no time just now.

Betty pops in for a coffee then I get on tidying up some of the design and making sure the rest of the site works.

After our ‘fast day’ dinner I tackle the next hurdle. Migrating the new site from my laptop to the remote server. Not a straightforward task when there’s databases and techie shit involved.

First I need to ensure the existing site is properly backed up. My current methods of backup aren’t quite up to muster so I search out a better way and set the wheels in motion. Gonna take a few hours, though, so it’s off to bed…next stage (I hope!) tomorrow…