Pho-ck the 'fast day'...I knock up some beef pho' to  celebrate the revamped website going live!

Pho-ck the ‘fast day’…I knock up some beef pho’ to celebrate the revamped website going live!

A FEW bits of the website to get sorted then we should be good to go…

Of course, takes a bit longer than I expect, but by midday we’re live with the new and all seems to be working. It’s meant to be a ‘fast day’ but we’re on hold for the moment and i make some beef pho’ for lunch to celebrate the new website.

The next wee while is spent spreading the word that I’m back online, then there’s a bunch of stuff to do for the webzine that’s been neglected a bit over the last few days.

The new-look, improved web shop has some new stuff including a limited supply of new shirts and some ladies’ vest tops.

We wander along to Betty and Joe’s for a coffee that turns into a few aperitifs then back home for dinner….there’s a few orders from the new webshop which is encouraging, but there’s a slight glitch on the mobile shop. Seems it only works properly in landscape…if the phone’s upright/portrait, the cart doesn’t show up. Mmmmm…oh well, I’ll try and solve that one tomorrow…