STILL a lot of rebuilding and stuff to do to try and recreate the revamped website.

It’s a lovely day outside and this is the last thing I want to be doing but it’s become an urgent priority.

By mid-afternoon I’ve made pretty good headway but getting cabin fever so we go out for a wee walk through the woods. Good to get some fresh air.

When we get back I pick up where I left off but am thwarted once again…the internet’s down. I restart modems and routers, check cables and apart form a couple of brief blips of service, there’s no joy. This all I fuckin’ need…bust my ass for two days then another hurdle thrown in my face. I;ve managed to keep a lid on my anger and stress the last few days, but this is the last straw.

I go outside with the banjo and beer and bash out some tunes in the last of the evening sunshine.

While the internet’s down I write up a few paragraphs for a wee news story on the webzine….not that it’ll be getting uploaded anytime soon if the internet’s gubbed.

Just as dinner’s ready, my web browser springs back to life. I’m in no frame of mind to do anything now, let alone fart about with code, so we eat in front of the telly and I resolve to pick up again tomorrow….