AFTER posting my blog I check my web stats…the website’s been getting a lot of traffic since it’s revamp earlier in the week, but my blog views are way down. Weird.

I investigate and realise that the new blog has a different URL to the old one. There’s no easy way to change it, so make a complete copy of the page giving it the same URL as my old blog, add it to the menu structure and delete the ‘old’ page with the duff URL. That should do it!

Net job is to finalise the iTunes’ digital booklet for the Hellbound Train EP but the internet has decide to drop off (again) that’s twice in the last five days. Pain in the ass.

Anyway, it doesn’t stop me working on the booklet which I get finished by the time I have to head out to the village for a meeting about a website someone’s needing done pretty quick.

Duncan and Irene are coming for dinner tonight and I’m on cooking duties and start making a big batch of enchilada sauce, then get the rest of ingredients ready so I can “assemble” the enchiladas in advance. Quite a time-consuming job and I’m glad I started early…only just got them finished when our guests roll up!