A nice wee walk up Duncryne Hill at Gartocharn

A nice wee walk up Duncryne Hill at Gartocharn

THE alarm goes off at 7am…more like 6am after the clock’s went forward and I fall out of bed, get some coffee on and grab my camera.

By 7.30am I’m at Milarrochy Bay waiting on a group of canoes coming back from their ‘sunrise’ paddle for a wee photo story for my webzine over at G63.scot.

It’s grey, drizzly and kinda cold for Easter weekend but I get my pix and by 9am I’m back home having breakfast and getting on with the usual chores.

A message from our pals Martyn and Louise suggests a walk up Dyncryne Hill (aka ‘The Dumpling’) over by Gartocharn. It’s not a long walk and a fairly easy climb, but the views from the top are brilliant and give a different perspective of the loch than our usual viewpoint at the top of Conic Hill.

After a wander around Ross Priory on the shores of the loch we head back and have coffee, drinks, some snacks and chat before going home.

Next stop, Betty and Joe’s for a pre-dinner drink…which turns into drinks….and dinner. These impromptu unplanned evenings always turn out great 🙂