MIGHT be a holiday for some today, but we’re busy!

We take advantage of others’ downtime to discuss physical product and promo for the forthcoming Hellbound Train EP.

Apart from the fact that we don’t have any budget for vinyl for this release, there’s no time. Some plants are quoting a six or seven week turnaround, but the reality is that you really need to allow 16 weeks.

Our focus will be on digital for the EP and I’m keen we drive as many of the sales as possible through iTunes. We’ll do a limited edition CD as well.

In the studio I make an audio master for the CD production then start messing around with some ideas for one of the new songs. Thanks to the longer daylight hours, I lose track of time and it’s time for our evening meal when I make it back to the house.

Tying up some loose ends later on, I put out the cover artwork as a wee teaser on social media and get quite an overwhelming response. In the meantime I get an afternoon (2pm) in-store show sorted at Big Sparra Vinyl in Ayr for Sunday 5 June.