UP early, but a kinda sluggish start to the day. Just seems lots of stuff to wade through before I can get going.

A wee local story and photoshoot to do for the G63.scot webzine then onto production and PR for the Hellbound Train EP. It’s getting ups  head of steam already and there’s still two months before release. I like it 🙂

There’s also quite a lot to do about the follow up album, even though half of it’s not recorded yet. With that in mind, I head to the studio and end up working on some lyrics for a a song that I’m liking the sound of but it’s a bit ‘out there’. Working title is ‘River Run Dry’. Hold me to it.

We’ve a bunch of local pals coming for dinner tonight…green curry. I get on the case then take part in a  webinar which finishes up just before our guests arrive. We desperately try not to kick the ass out of it, but make a good attempt…early start in the morning – into Glasgow and filming for STV’s Grassroots Music show. Think it might be for Thursday night!