I HAVE a big video file uploading to YouTube…looks like it’s gonna take about eight hours. Jeez.

Meantime, I spread links to the STV iPlayer around Facebook etc so anyone that missed last night’s interview and songs on Grass Roots Music can ‘watch again’.

The big video upload is kinda hampering my other work..I’d planned to do some work on my accounts, but if I take the laptop out to the office I’m likely to slow the upload even further.

Instead I do some work on a website I’m developing for someone, but even that’s slow progress.

I realise it’s the first of the month. eNewsletter day. Duh! Everything stops while I put the eNewsletter together. Needs a bit of a redesign though – the old header/banner was based on the old website. Read it here.

In the studio I try out some lyrics over a guitar part I recorded last week…re-wrote the lyrics but haven’t had a chance to try it all out. The vocal melody’s all over the place and needs locked down…that’s gonna be  a fair bit of work, but I think it’ll be worth persevering. It’s a different sounding kinda thing for me.

Back in the house the YouTube upload is complete and I manage a little more prep work on the website development until all of a sudden the internet drops off again. I restart the routers and all the usual rigmarole but no joy.

It’s time to make dinner anyway, so I crack open a beer and spend the next hour in the kitchen making black pepper tofu.

Once we’ve eaten the internet’s still down so we watch some telly…a last gasp attempt to get the internet working before bed  and I switch everything off at the main for ten minutes. That does the trick!

Looks like the problem is the BT Homehub that acts as a modem for our ‘proper’ router….I’ll investigate in the morning.