ANOTHER lazy morning until the courier arrives with the stuff I ordered from Amazon yesterday. Not bad ordering stuff on a Saturday afternoon and having free delivery less than 24 hours later. On a Sunday!

I unpack the modem and ethernet switch, untangle the old BT Homehub and associated bunch of cables and get the new stuff in. Immediately the whole lot’s tidier and less tangled. Only takes a few minutes to configure the modem to work with out BT ADSL line and the Netgear Nighthawk router. All works fine, including all the add-ons – LightWave controller, Sonos bridge, smart TV and network hard drive.

There’s some online orders needing packed up, then I mess about trying to sort a ‘landing page’ for the website. I’m not 100% convinced that landing pages are a good thing, but willing to give it a try. There’s lots of paid solutions, but I can’t see any need to pay – it’s basically a new front page for the website without any menu items…just a call to action (news, in my case) and an ‘enter website’ button …shouldn’t be hard to figure out.

I pull something together – basic, but enough to give me a heads up on stats and stuff.

Really need some exercise and fresh air so go a walk up the lochside with Martyn, then Margaret and I head to Betty and Joe’s for an aperitif.

Back home, we have dinner, watch a Janis Joplin film on the BBC iPlayer then have an early night.