AFTER breakfast we have our first proper ‘Buzz meeting’ in a while. 

A much slicker affair since we started using Trello – out of date to-do lists on bits of paper are a thing of the past…now we can see what’s needing done and where we are with all our projects/tasks. A lot of folks we’ve mentioned Trello too are finding it’s a great free tool. Check it out here.

I’m busy with a website I’m developing for someone all morning. Int he afternoon I take a bunch of merch down to the village post office then stop in to see Martyn for a coffee and to chat over some ideas.

The chat moves round to Facebook and Martyn suggests I should think about doing some live Facebook video broadcasts. I’ve been blissfully unaware, but he’s seen some from other folks and thought they were pretty good.

Some Facebook users with verified pages (not personal profiles) were invited to try out a new app called Mentions a while back. I accepted the invitation, had a gander and didn’t really see any benefit in using it over Facebook’s Pages app. Mentions has evolved, it seems, and has a feature allowing users to stream live video right onto their Facebook page!

Seems like a good idea so I give it a quick test and it works. I decide to try it out properly tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 7.30pm with some chat, a bit of a new song and maybe some live Q&A if we can get our heads round how to do that…it’ll be live on my Facebook page at 7.30pm, Be nice to see some folks there!

We have an early dinner then head to the village hall for a planning meeting. Fairly uneventful then we hit the pub…didn’t do too well with my planned alcohol-free day!