If my home-made laptop stand helps reduce the neck ache I'll buy a proper one!

If my home-made laptop stand helps reduce the neck ache I’ll buy a proper one!

FIRST thing I do is go over to the studio and grab the wireless keyboard from the studio….and a big pile of cookery books to sit my MacBook on top of.

Keen to see if raising the computer helps my neck ache. If it does I’ll get hold of a proper stand and another keyboard.

There’s some merch orders to be packed up which we’ll post in Glasgow later on. The Facebook Live thing seems to have created a bit of a stir.

Margaret finalises the details for the Aberdeen show at The Tunnels on Thursday 9 June and I get poster, flyer and online art ready – then I upload the poster art for that and another five shows to the printer’s along  with detailed instructions on quantities etc.

I make a start on the artwork for the CD package for the Hellbound Train EP then it’s time to hit Glasgow.

Margaret’s got a haircut booked then we’re off to our els Jon and Maggi’s for the night. We get there just after 7pm, have a few drinks the they take us to a nearby by tapas restaurant for a wonderful meal.

Back at their house for more drinks…and more than my fair share of a cask-strength Glengoyne. It’s after 4pm when we head for bed!