First time grilling this year! Flame on ;-)

First time grilling this year! Flame on 😉

EVEN an alcohol-free Friday and an early (10pm!) night haven’t quite fixed me…ah well, the price you pay for excess. Was fun though 🙂

My Amazon Basics laptop stand arrives – fourteen hours after ordering and just £15 including carriage. It’s a winner too. Nicely designed, solid, steady and amazing value.

In the studio I record a demo of a new song I’ve been working on. It’s fun, but there’s something not right about the vocals. Seem a lot flatter and way down in my boots than they do when I mess with it acoustically in the house.

I get Margaret across to the studio to see what she thinks. She agrees. Back to the drawing board. Better now, though, than with a week’s deadline to have the new album finished.

I leave it for the time being and go back to the house to write up a story for the webzine then we take a drive to see Catriona and Will’s new house just outside Stirling. Mikey’s there fixing a tap – we have a coffee and a chat then head for home with Mikey following.

Next stop is Barbara  and Thorsten’s for a pre-dinner drink(s!) then home where I fire up the grill and cook some burgers. First time the charcoal grill’s been on this year!

A message from our pals Martyn and Louise says they;re in the pub with some other pals we haven;t seen for a while so once we’ve eaten we wander down and join them for a couple of drinks.