UP early to get the smoker on…a bunch of chicken thighs that were rubbed last night need to go on early so they’re ready for lunchtime.

There’s a bit of a scrabble to get everything done before JonZip and Maggi arrive. Amazon orders, emails, online stuff and I want to have the studio ready to record JonZip’s song.

They roll up sometime after 11am and we have a blether and a coffee before hitting the studio. Margaret and Maggi go out for a wander and drop into the coffee shop while we get JonZip’s song down.

The chicken’s ready so we sit down for lunch then back to the studio to mix the track. It’s just a demo, but it’s important to get it sounding as good as possible.

Our pals head off soon after 4pm and I get busy in the office sorting out a bunch of posters and flyers for forthcoming shows that have come back from the printer.

It’s a ‘semi-fast’ day today…we’ve temporarily abandoned the fast day/5:2 diet but still taking care what we eat and avoiding alcohol two days a week.

After dinner I do a couple of wee stories for the G63.scot webzine then work on the CD pack for the forthcoming Hellbound Train EP. Suddenly it’s nearly midnight and we head off to bed.