DESPITE my best efforts to get out the door right after breakfast, I get caught up in…well…stuff.

Looks like Margaret’s got a Newcastle show in the pipeline for July tho’ which would be cool. Some other stuff in the works too.

Eventually I pull my boots on at midday for the four mile plus walk to pick up the car. Halfway my pal Stuart from PRS for Music calls and we have a long chat about music biz stuff before resolving to get together for a few beers sometime soon.

Back home we have lunch and then I start looking at routing for the October/November US tour.

Having our garden swing building shenanigans thwarted by rain yesterday, we venture out to pick up where we left off. It’s a job and a half, but two hours later the thing’s fully built and turns out pretty good.

I could fair do with a beer, but a ‘semi-fast’ day means no alcohol so I crack open a bottle of Purdey’s and carry on working. Minor headway with my accounts and some other stuff…really need to get my finger out!