WE have an early start – stuff to do over by Stirling this morning.

Once we’re done we grab some shopping and head for home..it’s mid-afternoon, though, and the day just seems to have disappeared.

The folks handling the CD production for the Hellbound Train EP have my master and artwork, but I’ve been holding off the on-body CD print ’til I knew what printing process they plan. I knock up some basic artwork and fire it off.

Margaret’s pulled in a couple more shows, including one particularly cool gig. Following the success of last week’s Facebook Live I decide that rather than fire on and list them online, I could do another Facebook Live next week, play another new song from the EP and ‘announce’ the new gigs.

Our internet connection’s still shite though, so I call our pals to see if we can do it from their place one evening and take advantage of their slightly better internet connection.. They very kindly agree…so we arrange to go live via my Facebook page again on Tuesday (19 April) at 8pm.

By this time it’s after 9pm and I’m meant to be making beef, ginger and spring onion noodles for dinner. I open another beer and get busy in the kitchen….