Pig on a stick...

Pig on a stick…

A BUSY day today with a few things on….but first, I need to finish setting up the part of my website that’s gonna deliver the review/promo copies of the Hellbound Train EP.

I go through the process of requesting and downloading the files, fixing problems and fine-tuning various aspects of it. I think I got it, so can safely start scheduling the media roll out.

Our first destination is my cousin Fred’s in Glasgow. She’s having a wee shindig in her garden for other cousins Ginny and John who’re visiting for the weekend. Lots of family and friends there, a huge spread of food and Giacomo has a pig on a spit.

I’m driving so stick to one beer, but make up for things by stuffing my face with grub. We hang out ’til just after 7pm then say cheerio and make for home and our pals Fiona and Steven’s engagement party at our local village hall.

Lots more pals, more grub and, having abandoned the car, plenty beer.