AFTER breakfast I take a walk to the village hall to pick up the car…had forgotten we left it there last night!

Although the weather’s been pretty mixed, the grass has sprouted in the front garden and needs cut so I haul out the mower and give it a quick once over. When I say grass, I should probably say moss…and other stuff. There’s not a lot of grass there.

Putting the mower back in the shed I notice the swingball set that Margaret rescued from the attic recently.  I can’t resist setting it up. The base needs filled with water or sand or something, though – I seem to remember last time it was used (a long time ago!) I filled the base with water and it didn’t really work. And I can’t be arsed unrolling the hose and filling it with water for a quick mess about. I put some bricks in instead and it works a treat 🙂

I bang the ball for a while, then start putting the little black caps on the nuts and bolts holding the garden swing together.

Martyn rolls up with the dog and we go for a wee walk, chatting over a million ideas and making plans for all sorts of – mainly video-centric – shenanigans. We arrive back just as Margaret pulls a banana loaf out the oven 🙂

I notice a huge pile of receipts and paperwork that I need to get in order before I can start updating amy accounts spreadsheets. Been playing at this long enough and I need to get on with it…not gonna go away by itself.

After dinner we start looking at our electricity. We’re all electric and have three buildings – house, studio and office – but what we’re using seems six times (yup, SIX!) the amount of the average house in our postcode area. And while we have the studio and office, our house itself is tiny. Plus, the office and studio are very well insulated and have pretty econmic heating.

This is going to need urgent investigation. Sorting my accounts also implies that BT is ripping us off (again) to the tune of an extra £20 a month. I can feel and angry Monday looming….