STILL loads of great feedback and stuff coming from Tuesday’s Facebook Live stream.

One comment asks if we’ll have Hellbound Train t-shirts. That’s actually a pretty good idea…I’ll get on it later!

Our pal Sheena’s coming for lunch. It’s a beautiful day again so we tidy up outside and I get ready to dish up some pho’ soup.

We sit in the sun and catch up on all the gossip then have lunch and chat some more before she has to head off.

I don’t feel like working now, but the accounts beckon and I spend the next few hours getting all the spreadsheets and info up to date. Now we just need to decide what to do with the info. We’re not convinced we need the services of my long-standing accountant and we can ill-afford the fees involved. We might just do the tax return ourselves this time. The hard work’s done, after all!

After dinner I spend an hour or two re-imagining the Hellbound Train EP cover art into something that might work on a  t-shirt then knock up a news story for the webzine.