Caught in the act...I take a break from doing my accounts to mess with a new song idea...

Caught in the act…I take a break from doing my accounts to mess with a new song idea…

THERE’S only time to get a few things done before he head for Stirling where we have a few personal things to get done.

Once we’re through we grab a sandwich, a few bits of shopping and head for home in the sunshine.

It’s a beautiful day, so once I’ve got a bit of work done on my accounts I take a break and sit on the garden swing with a coffee.

Then more spreadsheets before calling it a day on the accounts and some time to mess with a new song. Outside in the sun.

Back in the office I work on some proofs for a small print job for the local flower show before locking the door and taking a wander along the lochside to visit our pals for an hour.

They have a video file that won’t open on their computer. I don’t have much luck either so send it to myself via wetransfer and have a mess about when I get home. Handbrake does the trick and I send the resulting file back to our pals.

After a rather late dinner I prepare a news release and promo links for print media to start the PR machine around the Hellbound Train EP release. It’ll go out automatically in the morning…the radio and web promo will start in a  couple of weeks as they don’t need quite as long a lead-in time.