MARGARET’S on pie-making duty first thing..the folks form the coffee shop have left a big crate of rhubarb on the doorstep, so she makes an apple and a rhubarb pie for them.

I take ’em down to the coffee shop when they’re ready then go into the studio to record some radio idents. There’s been a few requests from various radio stations abroad for me to record stuff for them which will, I’m sure, help promote the forthcoming Hellbound Train EP.

Both Maverick Magazine and the Blues Magazine have run nice preview pieces already 🙂

I’ve pretty much decided on the design for the Hellbound Train t-shirts….but we need to work out a size that will work as well on a small shirt as it will on a triple XL!

I notice the artwork has some untidy edges and spend the next couple of hours cleaning the artwork up. I don’t get it finished, though, ‘cos we have to throw our dinner over our necks, pick up Betty and Joe and get to the local village hall for 7pm in time for a surprise birthday party for one of our local pals.

We have a great night with our pals then head home for a nightcap. Lots to do tomorrow and a busy week ahead….