AFTER a quick breakfast I dash off to Balfron to take some pix at the village’s 10k road race for the webzine.

I’m tight for time and it’s hard to park but I get there in time for the start and spend a few hours chatting to folks and taking photos.

There’s a load of problems with my laptop and photo libraries. I’d hoped to dump the race photos onto the computer before I go to meet Martyn for a walk, but the hard drives are playing funny buggers and I end leaving the photos ’til later.

We have a grand wee walk and paln some video projects for later int he week. When I get back home Margaret and I nip along to see Betty and Joe’s before heading to Duncan and Irene’s in Gartmore for dinner. I’m on driving duties which is probably just as well ‘cos I need to spend a good few hours on the race photos when we get home…there’ll be no time tomorrow and there’s no point in publishing the story/pix after the newspapers etc get it out.